Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween. Just decided I throw up a drawing of some of horror films' greatest faces. Sorry for the some what crude coloring job, this was a very rushed picture since I wanted to put up something special for Halloween in between my busy work on some comic book covers I'm doing. I once again resorted to coloring it on the computer since it would take much quicker that way, though like my other computer colorings, it's all drawn 100% drawn by hand with mouse by me, even the coloring in the background and the shading on the characters. I drew Michael Meyers, Pinhead and Jason last night, then threw on Leatherface and Freddy this morning and colored the thing all in about an hours time, so that is why the coloring may look a bit rushed - it was. Well, soon I'll have those for covers finished and I'll post them with some sample pages of Mr. Funnyman.

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