Monday, March 30, 2009

The Curses of Spinthra

While my graphic novel and comic series are my top priority items I want to get published, I am also making a videogame - a sidescrolling platformer game called The Curses of Spinthra. You assume the role of Duke Legend, a ripped, Fabio-looking demon slayer, and you march into the castle of the evil 18 year old witch, Spinthra, to put a stop to her and her monsters. The game is a comedy, mostly being a parody of the Castlevania series. The game is still in early production stages. I only have levels made, and still have 3 major areas of the castle to make with minor touch ups still needed for ones I've finished. I then have to make all character, enemy and item sprites and animations and then finally the triggers and code. The game will not be completed for some time but I am intending on posting it for sale when it is. You'll just have to be patient for now and enjoy the artwork.

Spinthra is the final boss character of the game, yet the central main character, too. I concentrate more on her than the hero because the hero is mostly just supposed to be the player. Spinthra is an 18 year old creature called a black witch who has a head of hair resembling a spider. One is born every 100 years in the Netherworld. When a black witch is born she is immediately made ruler. When she turns 18, she is then old enough to bring her castle to Earth and reign havoc on mankind. Being a witch, Spinthra can assume a number of different forms such as temptress form and spider form. I will post many more pictures for The Curses of Spinthra in time. Hope you are looking forward to it's release.

Welcome to the Blog of Brendan Corris

Welcome to the Blog of Brendan Corris. This is only my first post and, as you can plainly see, I am just getting started at Blogger. I am a 22 year old cartoonist trying to publish my comic books like my 125 page graphic novel, "Stupid", my comic book series, "Mr. Funnyman", and other things like my videogame I'm making, "The Curses of Spinthra". This will be my main posting spot for all my artwork. All updates on my works will be logged on this blog. This is basically your one stop for Brendan Corris material. I'll post some random artwork first for everyone to give you a taste of what I do. I'm still having trouble getting the background up. I hate code. So much copying, pasting, and hoping it will work. Anyway, come check my stuff out.