Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween. Just decided I throw up a drawing of some of horror films' greatest faces. Sorry for the some what crude coloring job, this was a very rushed picture since I wanted to put up something special for Halloween in between my busy work on some comic book covers I'm doing. I once again resorted to coloring it on the computer since it would take much quicker that way, though like my other computer colorings, it's all drawn 100% drawn by hand with mouse by me, even the coloring in the background and the shading on the characters. I drew Michael Meyers, Pinhead and Jason last night, then threw on Leatherface and Freddy this morning and colored the thing all in about an hours time, so that is why the coloring may look a bit rushed - it was. Well, soon I'll have those for covers finished and I'll post them with some sample pages of Mr. Funnyman.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

More on The Curses of Spinthra

It's been a while since I posted more artwork for my video game I'm still working on, The Curses of Spinthra, and what better time to post artwork for a game about ghosts, monsters, goblins and nightmare creatures than October? (and because most of this artwork is from 2008 and there's no reason for why I haven't posted any of it yet). Almost all of these drawings were colored on the computer (still by me and not a cheap program that does 90% of the work for you, though) so the quality is not too great.

These drawings are old because this game is taking a real long time to make. I'm the only guy behind it, so I do everything from sprite design, level design, event and settings design, controls, gameplay, everything, so it will be a little while before the game is totally finished, but someday it will be.
This is a drawing of the main character which you assume the role of, Duke Legend. He's your typical jacked guy with a big sword and a mean mug who marches into the castle of evil to destroy every monster within (not even a joke, in the world of video games that is an average dude).

The final boss of The Curses of Spinthra is the creature called a "black witch" which is made ruler of the Nether-world every 100 years when ne is born. The picture at the top of the post contains various poses of her. Spinthra, being a witch, can magically assume other forms to help her trick or defeat her enemy. One form (pictured to the right) is the temptress form, used either to lure men to their doom or to do things her regular itty bitty form can't. She can also turn into a spider (which her hair resembles) to crawl into tiny spots and scale walls.

These are the first three boss fights you will be faced with on your quest - Medusa, a Manticore & a Wyvern, and the Minotaur. If you're lame and you don't mind spoilers and you'd like to see all of the boss characters in The Curses of Spinthra, you can add yourself to my MySpace page that I haven't used in over a year and view them in my photo album.

Lastly I'll post one I did completely on paper (all the other ones were hand drawn, then scanned and colored in Paint) of Spinthra in various poses. The colors came out kind of horrible on the computer - all that blueishness in the background was way more purple on paper (same with on her tongue) but whatever. I posted the black and white one too for anyone who might want to see some production in my drawings some times.
I promise to post more Spinthra artwork soon, including more old artwork never shown to the public, new artwork, and hopefully even screenshots. Stay tuned.
As you may have noticed, I had to add a warning before entering my blog. Nobody told me I had
to, I just decided it would be a good idea since there is animated nudity on here, and I'd rather put the warning on first instead of Blogger just finding it on their own and shutting down my blog.

The Lost Vikings

I recently did a drawing that I colored on the computer ,which I rarely like doing, but it came out pretty good so I decided to post it. Although it was colored on the computer, it was almost all done in MS Paint, meaning I still drew the entire background and did all the shading on the characters myself. Basically, the only cheat thing (Photoshopesque crap) in this drawing is the light from the top left corner. I did the drawing of the three main characters, Erik, Baleog and Olaf, from one of my favorite video games (and one of the most under rated) of all time, the Lost Vikings for the SNES by Silicon & Synapse (now known as Blizzard) and Interplay. Don't even ask why there are elements swirling in the background, they're really only there to create a cool background that will effect the coloration of the vikings. Maybe if you really need to come up with some kind of reason you can say it's the Norse gods or some corny shit. It's a little epic for a game that was a comedy, but whatever, it looks cool. More artwork to come (if you've never played the Lost Vikings, go find a copy).