Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stephen King's 'The Stand' Artwork

Just finished reading "The Stand" by Stephen King, one of his greatest works, and was inspired to do artwork of the characters. The first one is the majority of the main cast of the book - (Top, left to right) Ralph, Tom, Nick Andros, Mother Abagail, (Left, left to right) Glenn "Baldy" Bateman and Kojak, Stu "East Texas" Redman and Frannie Goldsmith, Harold Lauder, (Right, left to right) Leo "Joe" Rockwell, Nadine Cross, Larry Underwood, (bottom) and of course, Randal Flagg, aka the dark man, aka the walkin' dude, aka Richard Fry, aka Russel Faraday, aka Legion, aka whatever you want - the bad guy. I originally didn't picture this piece coming out the way it did, I imagined it more wide than tall, and I imagined Flagg covering the entire center from bottom up to Nick's crew. I'm pretty damn pleased with the way all of these came out though, and am proud to say that, although I colored it on the computer, every last bit of it was done by hand - no pre-set shading or textures or cheep Photoshop garbage. All just hand and mouse. I really hope you enjoy this one, I spent a good deal of time on this this past week.
The next one is of my personal favorite character from Stephen King's "The Stand", Nadine Cross. I felt SO bad for Nadine in this book. Everything goes wrong for her and none of it's her fault at all. Well, since she is my favorite character, I decided to do a lone picture of the lovely Miss Cross, and it took me surprisingly quick. Enjoy.
Here are all the little bits and pieces of the first pic so you can see them in all their glory and detail.