Monday, September 28, 2009

About My Comics - "Stupid" & "Mr. Funnyman"

I've posted plenty of artwork I've done so far but not very much of my own creations (Rick the Raptor and The Curses of Spinthra are it as of now) so I decided to post about my two biggest comic projects that I want published.

First is my graphic novel, Stupid. I finished drawing and writing this comic in 2007. I started it in mid-April and finished it in early May making it my quickest work to date. Over the years of 2008 and 2009 I would randomly go back and do clean-up and text editing. I now have a fully finished 125 page black and white graphic novel. This comic, although not as good a work physically and concept-wise as some of my other creations, has a special place with me. I based this comic on the first comic book character I ever created when I was only a wee artist in 1992.

The story follows the happenings in a strange world, mostly surrounding an area known as Kawnk. This land is ruled by the Beasts, a race of reptilian-monster-people who are headed by the twisted and domineering President Lasher. For as long as the Beasts can remember, they have used strange little creature-people called "That Things" (since no one can exactly say what they are) as slaves. The slaves are given degrading names by their Beast masters. When Lasher is informed by his council of the existance of "That Things" not in the Beasts' captivity, he dispatches his guards to find them. The guards return with only one, which they name Stupid. The now imprisoned Stupid can not adjust to this life of torture and, with a little help from some new friends, plans to bust him and the rest of the slaves out to freedom.
I'd like to publish this comic before any of my others since Stupid is my first true character, but whatever comes my way I will settle for. The book's a comedy/adventure story. The only trick now is to find a publisher who will put out my work.

Next in the line of comics I wish to publish is Mr. Funnyman, a comedic parody of textbook superheroes. This is an on going series of books. Each book will contain two episodes and two shorts (four books a volume). I've completed all of volume 1, and a lot from later volumes. This too is based on characters from my childhood, and in my personal opinion is the funniest work I've ever done.
Mr. Funnyman follows the never ending battle between meat-headed, conservative superhero, Mr. Funnyman, and the evil, living pin, Pinhead. Pinhead's created a serum that can combine objects into humanoid creatures to help him play out his evil desires. Mr. Funnyman, with the help of his not-so-compatible, scrawny, liberal sidekick, Adventurer, must continually stop Pinhead's evil plans and fight off Bush Gardens, Electro Gator, and whatever other evil creatures Pin Head might throw throw his way.
I will post more about my comics in near-future posts. Stay tuned.
(All comics contain strong language, violence, and adult themes)