Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mario & Luigi Tribute pieces

I recently did a couple tribute pieces for the Mario & Luigi RPGs.
These drawing will be for sale as a poster at my art stand at APEX in January. For info on the event go here -

This is my tribute to Mario and Luigi - Superstar Saga, which along with Mother 3 and Warioware, inc. makes my top 3 GBA games. Now that I've got a new computer I'll be back in business. I've actually had the idea for this picture for years now, but I didn't get around to doing it until now. I originally had some different plans, such as the background showing two different scenes on top and bottom but I ultimately decided there wouldn't be a good transition between the two so I scratched that. I'm a little displeased with the end result. All while I was coloring the characters I loved the way it was coming out, but just as I finished the background last night I found it didn't turn out as I planned. There just seems to be far too little space being consumed by the foreground and too much empty background space.
Well, whatever, I guess I'm never pleased with my own work. Here we have the heroes of the game, the Mario Bros. and the debonair Prince Peasley going after the wicked Cackletta and her assistant, Fawful.

And here's my tribute to Mario & Luigi - Partners in Time. I'm pretty pleased with how this one came out. The only thing that kind of bugs me is all the work I did on the Shroob army in the background mostly ended up being blocked by Princess Shroob. Fear not, though, as I have uploaded a process work of the BG below.
I wanted to put E. Gadd in this picture because he's such a cool looking character but there wasn't really any place for him.
Here we have Mario and Luigi backed by their infantile selves taking on the ghoulish Shroobs and their lovely, curvy queen, Princess Shroob. This game may not be as awesome as Superstar Saga, but it's still a freaking awesome game with an incredebly fun and interactive battle system. It's major flaws in my mind are it's lack of an overworld, making the game seem very short with little exploring to be done (I still think we should have at least been allowed to play all the locations in present day as well). It also introduces far less new interesting places and characters than it's prequel. With the exception of the Shroobs, most new characters aren't terribly interesting (Toadburt and Kylie are just a couple of this game's unoriginal character concepts, and that stupid talking suitcase takes the cake for worst character ever). The game is also too damn easy. Even the final battles are incredebly easy as long as you keep your bros. items in a steady flow. The time theory in the game also makes no sense at all. I know the game is a comedy, but how the hell can the Shroobs take over the past Mushroom Kingdom and have no effect on the present. Ah, whatever. All bitching aside, this is an awesome game definately worth checking out.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gaming Bookmarks Complete and For Sale!

I'm finally done with my gaming bookmark series. It took much longer than expected since I had computer problems all Spring.

Now up for sale are all of my one-of-a-kind Gaming Bookmarks. Each bookmark costs $20.00, but if you purchase the entire set, an additional $5.00 will be knocked off the price of each bookmark costing only $150.00! Contact me via Deviantart - , Facebook - , or e-mail -




MOTHER 3 - $20.00

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SUPER MARIO BROS. 3 - $20.00

You won't find my bookmarks for sale anywhere else, nor will you find them in this excellent quality.

Monday, July 2, 2012

BS Post... A Hard Days Work...

Yeah, so you're probably thinking "why's this guy posting a doodle on lined paper?" Well, if you are, I don't have an answer for you. This is simply the result of being bored while working security, as well as the result of me realizing I haven't posted anything up on this blog since January. So, with the combined powers of being bored out of my skull and being a hardcore geek for retro arcade games, I figured I'd pass time by doodling an "extreme" Donkey Kong stage. After a few minutes I came to the conclusion that filling up an entire page with stick-figure scaffolding and ladders was not a good idea. Thinking about DK made me want to draw Diddy's face. Drawing Diddy's face made me want to draw Donkey's face. Drawing Donkey's face made me want to draw Dixie's. And then, drawing Dixie's face mae me want to turn it into an actual picture. Being so random resulted in weird-looking crap like Diddy's head being way smaller than the others', but all in all for a lined-paper doodle done with a TD Bank pen it's not half bad. God this must have been the first time I drew on lined paper in YEARS. Maybe I'll actually redo this picture for real and better some day. Ah well, I'm really just rambling. Well, once again, this is just a filler to make up for my lack of...ANYTHING on this blog for too long. I intended to put up a series a while back but due to computer problems I'm still working on that series (Gaming Bookmarks). I just put the Bonk's Adventure bookmark up on Deviantart. Due to having to shrink all the characters down to fit in the bookmark (and Kongo-Zilla's ass taking up most of the picture) the pictures all look too small and blurry to really appreciate. This is most disappointing with Drool, Bonk, & Gladdis, who all lost major view of line work, details and coloring (I also just flat-out hate the coloring job on Punchy Pedro, and K-Zilla's colors don't blend well with the rest of the bookmark). To see all the bookmarks so far, go here -
The next post will be for real - I promise.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nintendo Villains

Boy, this picture took so much longer than it needed to. I originally wanted it up before the holidays but I just missed it. Well, long-time watchers should recognize the theme. Exactly two years ago I did the same theme, but I’ve grown disappointed in the quality of that piece and have been meaning to do a revamp. Soon I will put up each character individually up-close and fully detailed. As for the characters displayed here, they are the ones I either like the most or feel are the most important among the Nintendo villains roster. Do not tell me I “missed” or “forgot” someone. I know there are plenty of Nintendo villains not pictured here. That doesn’t mean I forgot them, I just simply didn’t want to draw them. If you want to see a picture with your favorite character, go search them or draw one yourself. Well, anyway, here are Nintendo’s most wanted. Most wanted for theft, kidnapping, murder, piracy and countless other forms of chaos. The characters pictured from left to right/top to bottom are:

Ridley is easily the coolest looking Nintendo character ever. However, in this picture he was the last one I did so the coloring job is rushed and ass-tastic (especially on the wings). Well, Ridley is one of the main villains from the Metroid games, and a personal favorite of mine. Since he’s so huge, I saw it fit to put him farthest in the background and as a sort of high-up center piece in the picture.

Yeah, I called him “Pokey” for years since that was his name in the US version of Earthbound, but really Itoi meant for his name to be “Porky”. Well, Porky is depicted here in his Mother 3 appearance (amazing game. I highly recommend it) . While Ridley is the coolest looking, Porky is just one of the best villains in Nintendo games, and video games as a whole. He goes from being just the neighborhood pest of Onett to corporal super power and controller of time, space and humanity as a whole. Porky’s a true tyrant, and he’s so despicably terrible in all of his dialogue and actions. Never has a lower and creepier villain been in a video game. Porky also serves as a centerpiece with Ridley here, in his giant mech. One of the best villains ever from, what I feel is, the best RPG series ever.

I know what most people are probably thinking – “If Wario’s on here as a villain, then how can his rival be on here too?” Well, not only was she the antagonist of the first couple Wario Land games, but she was introduced attacking and robbing the Mushroom Kingdom. She’s a pirate. There’s no such thing as a good pirate. I particularly began liking the character after her appearance in Wario Land : Shake It for the Wii. The relationship between Syrup and Wario has so much potential, though Nintendo refuses to see it. The fact that they are rivals and also friends who are constantly trying to screw the other one over for treasure is just such an entertaining concept. Unfortunately, though, Syrup is not Pikachu, Link, Mario or Kirby, so Nintendo sees no reason for her to make any sort of frequent appearance. She kind of messes up the whole “mean, scary mugs staring you down” effect this picture originally had. She looks more like she wants to play. Oh well, that’s how she gets you. She’s the busty, saucy captain of the Sweet Stuff (formerly the S. S. Teacup). My original impression of her was a way hotter version of Gina Davis from Cut Throat Island.

You can’t have a Nintendo villains picture without the greatest classic-evil rogue of them all. Ganondorf from the Legend of Zelda series is a good old fashion evil bastard. No tragic or sympathetic back story, just a man composed of pure malice. And, contrary to popular belief, that makes for a great villain sometimes. Ganon is one of the classic examples of evil in my mind, right up there with Count Dracula. Originally I was considering doing Ganon in his original big blue pig form, but I realized that most of Nintendo’s villains already are big stocky beasts, and I just happen to like his N64 appearance best.

Medusa from Kid Icarus is a villain that should be regarded as one of he greats but, like everything in Kid Icarus, she was totally forgotten until Super Smash Bros. Brawl revived Pit (in a creepy, under-aged sex slave fashion) and his series. The original Kid Icarus is still incredibly entertaining, and difficult. However, Medusa is a little too easy. Battling the weird face machine thing is easy enough, but then when you destroy it and reveal the true woman form Medusa, it takes one hit to defeat her. Recently Nintendo revamped her appearance for that new waste of time, unnecessary Kid Icarus game for 3DS that is only coming out 20 years late now because weirdoes decided they liked Pit in Brawl. But now Medusa’s way sexier. I tried to incorporate the best features of both forms.

Although not the most important villain in Starfox, Wolf is the easiest to incorporate in a picture like this. It’s no mystery that I love drawing this guy looking rabid. Wolf was ultra badass in Starfox 64, however, all I hear about later installments just seem to be destroying what was cool about him (or destroying everything that was cool about Starfox for that matter). If it’s not the SNES original or 64, don’t bother. Wolf O’Donnell is the head of the ruthless team of outlaws turned bounty hunters/assassins, Star Wolf.

God, I hate Kirby so much. I just feel like Nintendo FORCED this franchise to be popular. I will never stop thinking of it as that doofy little Game Boy game that was entertaining for about 30 minutes and was intentionally crappy and poorly designed. Some how, though, Nintendo made people recognize it as something more by forcing out about three games a year and trying to create the illusion that a game about a smiling zit living in happy land is actually an epic to be taken seriously. Well, in the end, I have grown to like King Dedede, mostly because of Brawl. Also because he’s pretty much the only Kirby character who isn’t just a geometrical shape with a face. Who doesn’t like a big fat gluttonous ass hole?

Of coarse we need King Koopa in the mix. Nintendo’s most infamous villain, King Koopa’s been trying to tap Toadstool for more than three decades, and continually fails miserably (or so we think. He did get a butt load of kids mysteriously at some point. Hmmm…). Although Bowser has pretty much been destroyed as an intimidating final boss and made out to be more of a goof over the years, when you originally got to Bowser’s lair for the first time in old Mario games, there was a combination of fear and adrenalin rushing through your body (only to find that he’s ALWAYS too easy to defeat). I tried to catch his more menacing side here. So, yeah. Bowser. You know him. You love him.

Lost but not forgotten, Wart, the evil monster toad king who kidnaps babies through story books and haunts plumber’s nightmares. Wart was an evil king in Doki-Doki Panic who resided in Subcon, a magical world where he pulled two children from the real world. Wart made a handful of cameos over time, but Nintendo has altogether just written him off. I know I’m not the only one who wants this guy back. However, I may be the only one who wants another Doki-Doki Panic title to surface.

Another character Nintendo seems to want to forget (probably because he was made by Rare and Nintendo’s a bunch of selfish little brats) but K. Rool will always be one of the great villains of Nintendo in my mind. With roles ranging from tyrant king, pirate captain and mad scientist, this guy had loads of potential. Head of the Kremling krew, King K. Rool and his crocodile army were the main rivals of Donkey and the kong clan. His objectives never seemed to make any sense, but he was a great villain nonetheless. Another menacing fat bastard.

Ever since it was released, I have hated Pokemon on a whole other level. Aside from the monsters being stupid looking, the gameplay being half-ass and boring, and it being the biggest money-stealing scam of all time, I just plain don’t like it. I still don’t get how it reached the level of success it did. I still feel like it’s some huge, global joke that everyone’s in on but me. But, anyway, you’re probably wondering why there’s a Pokemon here. Well, plain and simple, Smash Bros. Melee made me think Mewtwo was badass. And he is pretty badass. I tried to make him look more like some sort of alien or some king of genetically mutated creature since he was supposed to be made in a lab. I don’t really know or care if he is a villain or not. He was a villain n Smash Bros., a villain in that god awful movie, and he looks cool. That’s why he’s here.

And lastly everyone’s favorite fat, nasty, greedy, ugly son of a bitch, Wario. I used to have no interest in this guy, as for the bulk of his time he had terrible games. However, in later years Wario’s got some great titles and earned himself a rightful spot among the great ones for me. He’s shown here flexing and protecting his stash of treasure and garlic.

So that’s everyone pictured here. I really hope you all enjoy this picture, as it took me way too long to complete. Wouldn't mind seeing any of these guys in the next Smash Bros., well, except Porky. He's a great character, but without his mech he's just a fat coward. Just cut the crap Nintendo and give us Kumatora. Download for the best view.

The Plumber Haters

In the fall I did a series of my favorite enemies from the Super Mario series (SMB1-World). Drawing these enemies I've known and loved my whole life was so much fun and I hope you all enjoy them, too. To see them all up close and personal, go to my DeviantArt page here -