Monday, July 2, 2012

BS Post... A Hard Days Work...

Yeah, so you're probably thinking "why's this guy posting a doodle on lined paper?" Well, if you are, I don't have an answer for you. This is simply the result of being bored while working security, as well as the result of me realizing I haven't posted anything up on this blog since January. So, with the combined powers of being bored out of my skull and being a hardcore geek for retro arcade games, I figured I'd pass time by doodling an "extreme" Donkey Kong stage. After a few minutes I came to the conclusion that filling up an entire page with stick-figure scaffolding and ladders was not a good idea. Thinking about DK made me want to draw Diddy's face. Drawing Diddy's face made me want to draw Donkey's face. Drawing Donkey's face made me want to draw Dixie's. And then, drawing Dixie's face mae me want to turn it into an actual picture. Being so random resulted in weird-looking crap like Diddy's head being way smaller than the others', but all in all for a lined-paper doodle done with a TD Bank pen it's not half bad. God this must have been the first time I drew on lined paper in YEARS. Maybe I'll actually redo this picture for real and better some day. Ah well, I'm really just rambling. Well, once again, this is just a filler to make up for my lack of...ANYTHING on this blog for too long. I intended to put up a series a while back but due to computer problems I'm still working on that series (Gaming Bookmarks). I just put the Bonk's Adventure bookmark up on Deviantart. Due to having to shrink all the characters down to fit in the bookmark (and Kongo-Zilla's ass taking up most of the picture) the pictures all look too small and blurry to really appreciate. This is most disappointing with Drool, Bonk, & Gladdis, who all lost major view of line work, details and coloring (I also just flat-out hate the coloring job on Punchy Pedro, and K-Zilla's colors don't blend well with the rest of the bookmark). To see all the bookmarks so far, go here -
The next post will be for real - I promise.

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