Friday, March 26, 2010

More Card Art

Here's some more artwork for the card set for my characters I promised. In this post we have the main heroes and villains of my comic book series, Mr. Funnyman (above), and the main hero and villain of my game-in-the-works, The Curses of Spinthra, followed by all the boss monsters (below).
Pictured in each image, starting from top to bottom and left to right is - (Picture 1) Adventurer, Mr. Funnyman's wimpy, yet logical, liberal sidekick; Mr. Funnyman, the main hero of MFM and a macho, meat-headed republican with a massive ego; and Lumpy, the Funnymen's secret eye on Pinhead's base. When Pinhead first created his blender serum, he tossed what he believed to ne a dud out the window, accidentally fusing a man with a mountain.
(Picture 2) Bush Gardens, one of Pinhead's first two creatures and one of his main cohorts. Bush Gardens, along with Electro Gator, is a parody of the seemingly manditory idiotic main minion duo of super hero cartoons of the 80's. He is a combination of various plants. Pinhead (the next character) is Mr. Funnyman's arch enemy and creator of the Blender Ray, a device he uses to fuse things together to create humanoid monstrosities to serve his evil will, which is also a mockery of the plot of too many retro super hero stories. Pinhead is an over-exaggeration of your typical overly-evil villain. Lastly, Electro Gator, a combination of an alligator and lightning from a Florida thunder storm, is Pinhead's other main, idiotic cohort.
(Picture 3) Duke Legend, a Fabio-esque, medieval warrior who, for whatever reason, is around in this day and age, is the main protagonist of The Curses of Spinthra, and marches into the evil queen's castle when the fate of man seems sealed for chaos. He is basically a parody of most video game heroes, mostly the Belmonts of Castlevania. Spinthra, the evil queen of the Netherworld, can take various forms via magical spells. Pictured above are her standard form, and her temptress form, used to seduce people to their graves. Every 100 years (everything epic and evil has to happen every 100 years, whether it makes sense or not) a "black witch" is born, and will become the ruler and most poweful entity of the Netherworld. On her 18th birthday, she is old enough to take her castle to Earth and have her shot at destroying all humanity.
(Picture 4) Here are all of the area bosses you will battle in the castle of Spinthra. Medusa, being much easier on the eyes than rumored, is the first boss monster you will battle. Next, you will battle two wild monsters at once, the Manticore and the Wyvern, followed by Asterion, the dreaded Minotaur of Minos' Labyrinth. Next, you will face a massive reptilian titan, the Dragon, then the most famous nightmare and torturer of children, the Boogie Man. Charybdis is a hideous whirl-pool monster dwelling in the underground quagmire beneath the castle. The sixth battle is with the one-eyed, obese giant, the Cyclops, followed by the Headless Horseman on the back of a zombie horse. The monstrous Grendel lurks in the Lost Temple, still holding a grudge over his stolen arm on humans, and the deadly Hell Hound guards the gateway to Hell. Last are the Weird Sisters, Uror (middle), Varoandi (Purple) and Skuld (Green), the ones who trained and taught Spinthra and the main guardians before her.
More card art will be posted soon.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Card Art

Every so many years since I was little, my brother and I have drawn little fake collectible card sets for our characters. I'm doing a new batch of cards this year, and the artwork is coming out so much to my liking, I've decided to post lots of it. They will later be placed onto the card pages with backgrounds and titles, then cut down to size, but here are the images that will appear on the cards. Above are all 9 of the cards for my graphic novel, Stupid. The cards include - Stupid, Weirdo, Dopey, Lasher, Hrns Guy, Bears Guy, Scarlet, and then two other cards, one for other "That Thing" characters that appear in the comic, and another for the Beasts. Stupid is not the only one of my creations featured, though.

I have finished a handful of ones for my comic strip series, Rick the Raptor. Above are Rick, Clarissa, and Dave. I will soon have some to showcase for The Curses of Spinthra, and then some for Mr. Funnyman. The quality of these cards is tempting me to even post some for projects of mine I have currently not announced since I'd rather my viewers get accquainted with the creations I have posted thus far rather than overwhelming people with too much crap to remember or care about. Sorry for not posting anything in so long. Expect more soon, and look me up on deviantart in the mean time.