Thursday, March 18, 2010

Card Art

Every so many years since I was little, my brother and I have drawn little fake collectible card sets for our characters. I'm doing a new batch of cards this year, and the artwork is coming out so much to my liking, I've decided to post lots of it. They will later be placed onto the card pages with backgrounds and titles, then cut down to size, but here are the images that will appear on the cards. Above are all 9 of the cards for my graphic novel, Stupid. The cards include - Stupid, Weirdo, Dopey, Lasher, Hrns Guy, Bears Guy, Scarlet, and then two other cards, one for other "That Thing" characters that appear in the comic, and another for the Beasts. Stupid is not the only one of my creations featured, though.

I have finished a handful of ones for my comic strip series, Rick the Raptor. Above are Rick, Clarissa, and Dave. I will soon have some to showcase for The Curses of Spinthra, and then some for Mr. Funnyman. The quality of these cards is tempting me to even post some for projects of mine I have currently not announced since I'd rather my viewers get accquainted with the creations I have posted thus far rather than overwhelming people with too much crap to remember or care about. Sorry for not posting anything in so long. Expect more soon, and look me up on deviantart in the mean time.