Thursday, August 6, 2009

More IT Drawings

Here are more random drawings I did of characters from Stephen King's IT. Anybody who has read the book knows that the huge spider is It's true Earth form. The drawing could have been better. She's a little too light in coloration, and even though it's a picture of a grotesque nightmare, the coloring looks a little cutsie and out of place. I do, however, like the way the dead lights effect came out. I was afraid that would be really hard to pull off by hand, but I refuse to ever use photoshop or any computer effects on drawings when it can actually just be done by hand. The light pouring from her mouth and eye sockets and womb are the best part of this picture in my opinion.
The next picture is of something that was never featured in the film adaptation in 1990. The Turtle was the creator of the universe and the opposing force to It. This picture's ok, but it's not exactly what I pictured. First off, The Turtle's too skinny. When reading the book, I imagine it being massive. Also, the coloring has a very bland effect in my drawing. I imagined it being a glowing medley of swirling color. The book describes The Turtle's coloration as being so magnificent that you can see galaxies in it's toe nails. Also, there is a part where the crease line down the center of the shell is pretty crooked, which makes it pretty ugly. These are mistakes I usually don't make in drawings, so I'm kind of bumed about this one. Whatever. Try to enjoy it, still, if you can. More art coming soon.

Random Doodles

I just randomly felt like doodling monster faces the other night, and due to my lack of posts recently, I may as well just post these up. They're quick and pointless but, whatever, enjoy them. I'll put up some more finished artwork soon.