Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Wario Ware Crew


Here's the cast of the first few Wario Ware games. These games are just fun - fun concept, fun characters, fun cut scenes, fun music, fun everything. These characters are the staff of the game company WarioWare, Inc. Wario creates the company as a scheme to make a ton of money and has his buddies help him. The characters pictured here are - Wario, clad in his biker attire, Mona, a scooter driving babe who can never hold a steady job, Jimmy T., a disco dancing dude, 9-Volt, the oldschool gaming elementary schooler, his big homie, 18-Volt, The Diamond Cab cabbies, Spitz and Dribble, Kat and Ana, the kindergartener ninjas, Dr. Crygor, the crazy scientist with a secret island lab, Orbulon, the migdet alien, Ashley, the bratty little witch, and Mike, the living karaoke machine. Kind of not too proud of how the major picture came out. It's a little too empty and wide, but oh well. I worked my ass off the past 2 days to bring you this picture, so you better enjoy it. If you've never played these wacky games, give em a try.

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