Sunday, August 15, 2010


Here's my Clayfighter tribute. Clayfighter was a comedy/fighter game series in the 90s that had a cast consisting of wacky clay creatures created by Bessy, a meteor dripping with ooze that crashed in Playland, Mudville USA. Though Clayfighter 1 played very badly, Clayfighter 2 (C-2) Judgment Clay was an awesome game that almost all gamers hate on with no real rhyme or reason. From most reviews I've seen and conversations I've held about it, it seems most players didn't even play enough to even understand what they were doing before they made their opinion. When you stop being a hater and play C-2 and actually get good and pay attention, I feel you can notice that it is actually one of the most superior fighters for it's time in terms of gameplay and programming. The CF series also has, in my opinion, the most memorable and interesting roster of characters out of any fighting series. C-2 Judgment clay and all Clayfighter characters were a huge part of my childhood (I was obsessed with C2 in 1995) and C-2 still remains my favorite game ever, so I only felt it a must to do a CF art. The characters pictured are - Bad Mr. Frosty, Taffy, Tiny, The Blob, Blue Suede Goo, Ickybod Clay, Helga, Bonker, Nana Man, Octo Head, Googoo, Hoppy, and Kangoo. The background is wads of gum I chewed and blended together like a weirdo, then scanned to give an extra oozy effect. Hope you enjoy the few and proud Clayfighter fans.
(As for the ones on N64, they had cool character concepts and amazing sculptors, but everything else about them was crap and a hugedown-grade from C-2)

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  1. unfortunately i've never played CF2 but my early gamer years were massively influenced by the first title, and later 63 1/3.
    Your artworks KICK ASS!! :D
    especially Bad Mr. Frosty, Ickabod & Bonker =)
    these should be transferred to a big mural / paintbrush / graffitti!
    Keep up that goof work and your style!!
    A fellow Clayfighter