Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Caricatures at Applebee's

One night a couple of months ago a friend of mine and I went to Applebee's only with the intention to draw charicatures of all the people we saw (I find their food completely repulsive, honestly). Here are the ones I drew. I will post more of my artwork for my comics and all soon. I usually don't draw people as much, despite the fact that almost every picture I've posted so far has been of a human being. I like drawing more unearthly characters and animals (mostly insects and reptiles and especially dinosaurs).
Although Blogger deleted my AdSense account for some reason (there are no longer ads you can click to make me money, which sucks because I'm not exactly rolling in cash right now). Well, I've been given word that I may very possibly be able to publish my graphic novel, Stupid, in the near future, so if that happens, you need to go out and buy it.
Sorry for all the half-ass posts of older artwork I've been doing. I promise I'll post new artwork soon. I'm also currently working on another graphic novel called Round Rock. I started it in 2008, but haven't really worked on it too much until now. I'm allowing the artstyle and frames in this book to be much more loose and free and I'm really having fun working on it. It also looks great (I think, at least) and I'm quite fond of how it's coming along. It's also pretty funny (Once again, at least I think it is). Well, I'm not going to spill too much about Round Rock yet. I'd rather you all get well acquainted with Stupid and Mr.Funnyman first.

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